Our Mission

To present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and demonstrate God’s love in a manner, and with such intensity, that sinners seek the salvation of the Lord for themselves and everyone they encounter

Our Focus

Therefore, God raised this ministry to:

  • Evangelize in order to win souls to Christ and increase the Church
  • Provide God centered, Spirit led, Bible based education and trainng in order to equip the Saints for leadership roles in the church and the community.​
  • Operate Auxiliaries and Ministries providing prayer, worship, praise, service and fellowship opportunities to San Antonio, TX and the surrounding areas.
  • Provide comfort, compassion and healing to the distressed

Our Vision

  • Praise Cathedral is converting, educating and training individuals to live in this world as citizens of God’s kingdom.​​
  • We will continue to edify God’s people. III John
  • Praise Cathedral is a center of power through prayer.  The five-fold ministry is flourishing, and the membership will continue maturing to that end. Ephesians 4:11-16​​
  • Praise Cathedral is a multi-racial/cultural congregation, reflecting San Antonio’s ethnic and language diversity, empowered to meet the city’s spiritual and social needs. Matthew 28:19-20​
  • Praise Cathedral employs sound, ethical business practices in order to maximize the effectiveness of all of its financial and human resources.  We will build a state of the art Christian worship and training center of influence. 1 Corinthians 14:20