One of the most important segments of services at Praise Cathedral is the Altar Call.  It is a deliberate invitation to profess faith in Jesus Christ to forgive sin, heal infirmities or sickness, deliver from distress, set free from bondage or meet other needs in answer to believing prayer.  Even if the need is not yours we invite you to come on behalf of someone else.  No one is above coming to the altar.

During the “altar call” you may stand and remain at your seat but, are certainly free to come as close as possible to the area in front of the sanctuary. 

Despite variations in the conduct of “altar calls” certain factors remain constant:

  • It is a time of solemn consecration – behave and teach your children to behave accordingly
  • You should expect God’s divine intervention, signs, wonders and miracles
  • You should expect God to challenge you to make choices or decisions
  • You should expect excited, emotional, jubilant responses to God’s presence
  • You should expect leaders to speak to you one-on-one, lay hands on you, anoint you with oil, pray for you
  • You should expect opportunity to confess Jesus as your Lord and Savior if you have never done so in a congregation of believers
  • You should not be surprised if the minister gives you specific direction or instructions to follow during or after the “altar call”

The proper and expected response to any call, especially an “altar call” is to answer or come.  Respond to the “altar call” and be blessed.